I am a multimedia content developer who has worked in the journalism and communication fields.

 I love finding, shaping, and sharing stories. And collaborating with other artists, animators,data visualizers, and photographers. 

I started in journalism by writing features for BusinessWeek Online, NYPress, and the Village voice, and then went on to get my M.S. in print journalism from Columbia University.

After telling stories in print, I moved onto visual storytelling. I've worked on a range of products-from video news packages to documentaries to marketing videos. Along the way, I decided to fine-tune my skills with another masters in film and video.   

I speak Italian, Spanish, and French fluently—languages I picked up from moving around internationally as a kid. 

In my spare time, I love playing music and getting creative. 


Please send me an email describing your communications needs. 

  My services include:

* Video Editing          * Writing              * Fact Checking

* Shooting              * Editorial Development            * Translation

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