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Historical Anniversaries

February, 2022, marked the 50th anniversary of President Nixon’s visit to China. At a time when U.S.-China relations are rife with tension, what lessons does that visit hold for the two countries today? This video takes a look back at what was achieved and the relevance it has today. 

(Produced/Edited by me. Featured on the landing page of and distributed on all social channels)

Event Promos

President Nicolás Maduro wins control of Venezuela's National Assembly in an election the opposition did not even participate in. What do these elections mean for Venezuela's future? Do citizens trust the new government?

(Produced/Edited by me. Featured on all social channels to promote on event about the future of Democracy in Venezuela ) 

Woodrow Wilson Center/Year in Review

From the COVID-19 pandemic to popular protests, civil unrest, and democratic backsliding, 2021 was an unforgettable year.  This Year in Review video showcases what the Wilson Center achieved despite the challenges—dialogues with world leaders, impactful initiatives, and thought leadership on some of the most pressing challenges across the globe. 

(I wrote the script for this video and produced/edited it. Featured on the landing page of and as a media tool for fundraising and advocacy efforts  ) 


Woodrow Wilson Center/Global Europe Program

The Global Europe Program addresses vital issues affecting the European continent, U.S.-European relations, and Europe’s ties with the rest of the world.

(This is one promo of a series that I produced/shot/ edited to inform views about the Global Europe program. It is used for fundraising and advocacy efforts, and to promote the Wilson Center brand)  

Woodrow Wilson Center/Africa Program

The Africa Program at the Wilson Center addresses the most critical issues facing Africa and U.S.-Africa relations. Its purpose is to enhance knowledge about Africa in the United States, and build mutually beneficial U.S.–Africa relations.

(This is one promo of a series that I produced/shot/ edited to inform viewers about the Africa program. It is used for fundraising and advocacy efforts, and to promote the Wilson Center brand)

Space Junk!!

....Space debris. There's a lot of it. And it matters because it interferes with things we do here on earth every day. This video helps to tell that story. 

(This video story was used by the Science and Technology program to promote awareness around this issue)

The Threatened and Displaced Scholars Initiative 

In certain countries, academics face threats because their research and writing challenges the status quo of authoritarian regimes. The Threatened and Displaced Scholars initiative offers residential fellowships to scholars who face threats in their home countries. 

(This video was used on Capitol Hill to inform members of Congress about the program. It was used to raise funds for the initiative.) 


Florida’s Best Beach Hotels

Dreamingof a beach get-away and wondering where to go? JetSetter takes you on atour of Florida’sbest beach hotels.

(Thisis one episode of a five-part video series on travel Ishot/edited/produced for JetSetter/TripAdvisor.)

America'sMost Beautiful Places

Lookingfor your next trip idea?JetSetter takes you on a tour of America's mostbeautiful destinations.

(This is one episode of a five-part video series on travel I shot/edited/produced forJetSetter/TripAdvisor. )



The Woodrow Wilson Center honors San Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt with this biography video. 

(This is a co-production that aired at the Woodrow Wilson Awards Ceremony Dinner.)


This biography honors billionaire and serial entrepreneur Red McCombs for his philanthropy. 

(This is a co-production that aired at the Woodrow Wilson Center Awards Ceremony Dinner.)



Parts of the country are suffering from serious drought—most notably California, where Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in January 2015 and imposed strict conservation measure. A technology called METRIC holds promise for tracking water use. 



Ozone is a tricky thing. In one level of our atmosphere it protects us from harmful UV rays; In another, it can cause asthma, lung problems, and chest pains. While the EPA says a healthy amount of ground-level ozone is 75 parts per billion, recent discoveries about the gas call that figure into question. 

( )


Remember the Ozone Layer? Luckily, it's still there, thanks to legislation like The Montreal Protocol. Industry leaders, scientists, and congressmen came together to regulate CFC's so that they wouldn't destroy the earth's protective shield. This story takes a look back at how the legislation came together.

(This video I produced and edited aired at the 2011 Symposium on Ozone and Climate Change in Washington, D.C.)

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